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Phase / vibe tones in a small pedal format. An all analog circuit featuring 4 OTA stages with selectable frequency peaks (voicing switch) for classic phaser sounds or swirling rotary-type effect.  
A carefully designed half sine / half triangle LFO gives proper modulation vs. time control not found in conventional phaser pedals. In phaser mode the interactive depth and feedback controls allow the pedal to morph from a mild sweep of a 2 stage phaser to a deep mind- blowing  phase shifter on the verge of oscillation. In vibe mode the feedback control emulates the change of the rotating speaker and cabinet dimensions which in result gives different frequency response on the rotary, moving sound. 
We have also added an expression pedal / tap tempo input jack for extreme versatility and control in a live situation.

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Review in Vintage Guitar’s November 2016 issue