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We like our circuits a little “crazy” being far from just another clone. The first CTC amp model is exactly that: a crazy different approach. This is not a duplicate of any of the classic tube amp designs. It’s an amp consisting of an all EL84 signal path, from preamp all the way to power amp. 
As a pedal company we designed Paradox to work great with pedals adding the character and smooth, natural compression of the EL84 tube. 
The normal input will give you loads of clean headroom all the way. While the total volume of this input is not ear piercing making it perfect for studio or small club use, the headroom is virtually unlimited. It will be really hard to overdrive this channel without the use of an overdrive/boost pedal. To achieve that we have carefully chosen an overwound output transformer made by Magnetic Components, USA and fine tuned the all EL84 circuit for thick clean tones even at low volume. 
Plug into the “more” channel if you are looking for 100% EL84 overdrive/ distortion. It starts with a jangly clean transforming into a biting crunch up to verge of distortion. Due to the nature of the power tube, feedback, sustain and complex harmonics come effortless in this channel. 

•    Output: 18W RMS (more input)
•    Tubes: 5x EL84 (2x preamp, 1x phase inverter, 2x power amp)
•    8/16 Ohm Selection, two parallel outputs
•    Cathode biased
•    Solid state rectification
•    Magnetic Components, USA made transformers
•    Hand wired with the finest components
•    120V/240V (internally hard wired)


For the best looks and sound we offer a matching 1x12 open back speaker cabinet loaded with a Celestion G12H Anniversary at 16 ohms.  Made with Baltic birch, sporting a meticulous design for the best sound reproduction and 3D projection of your Paradox amplifier. Tight bass, sweet and full highs to cut through the mix.

Note: Paradox head and 1x12 matching cabinet are only built to order. Please contact us for pricing and delivery time.

Premier Guitar voted Paradox as one of the sexiest gear of Winter NAMM 2013